Meta-design is a clean, new space in which there are no templates.

People need names for identification. Meta-design is a name that does not allow to identify the concept somehow, so it does not announce anything, but opens the door to the unknown. It involves a research mechanism, not an evaluation. Meta-design is a synonym for all existing creativity in its original, authentic sense.

The essence of creativity is the creation of something new, something that did not exist a minute ago. This is a step into the unknown, where there are no landmarks, a step into the protected area of the “unknown”.

Consciousness is so arranged that it requires the formation of concepts, clear semantic constructions. All life flows around them, they are landmarks for the formation of their own, individual semantic systems and form terminology for the possibility of communication of individuals. However, is it worth explaining that these systems are very schematic, like a large grid that cannot take into account and capture all the permanent content of the universe. Accordingly, the more vague the concept, the more it accommodates, the more freedom it gives within its framework. People often do not want what they express in their desires, because the expression is based on concepts that do not always correspond to true feelings. The expression toolkit is very primitive and resembles a game of children’s cubes. Meta-design is a game in which you can create new elements and new shapes, change and supplement the generally accepted set of static values.

Meta-design is an intersectoral, interdisciplinary concept. This is an abstracted, philosophical space where the key unified concepts are the actors. It is in this state of detachment that one can see the integrity of the picture. It is possible to detect the obviously simple in the unrealistically complex, to draw analogies and compare, at first glance, the incomparable.  You can mix and borrow seemingly incompatible things. You can turn something upside down without much concern for the contents. Meta-design is a method of dealing with patterns of thinking. To turn over consciousness, you need to get out of it. It is impossible to think strategically, to be in the ranks.

Meta-design is a conceptual design. an ontological system of aesthetic and psychological postulates that is able to generate a specific key in any field of activity.

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