Metarenessance is a request or even a challenge to the whole creatively thinking society, to fantasize about an ideal world. This is a call to think together about our common future, as we want it to be tomorrow.

We are used to the fact that various technological solutions can be designed. But you can also design an emotional climate, and a system of values and meanings. In this process, art acquires a new meaning, it inspires and creates visual images and allegories that contribute to the formation of a favorable psychological atmosphere and a new image of humanity. It is building a new imaginary world brick by brick, which is becoming more real every day. This is a very multifaceted, multidimensional and complex process, and if now, perhaps, it causes misunderstanding and even bewilderment, then in the future it will become one of the most important and fundamental. The main problem is that we are not used to thinking this way, our consciousness is more reflective than creative, and in this regard, we have absolutely no imagination on this topic, and at best there is only a meager set of templates. However, there is a certain percentage of people who are able to rely not on the existing reality, and not on negative experience, but on an abstract idea of how it could be. And this process is not based on struggle or opposition, it is a free creation of the imaginary.

Imagine how you can with love and attention, thinking through and prescribing all the subtleties and details, design a future in which you would like to live, a future for yourself and your children, a future for everyone. The Golden Age, the crown of civilization, all the best, put together in a single picture, in the concept of a perfect society. Until we come up with it, we will not depict it, it will not happen, but as soon as this sketch takes clear outlines, as soon as this collective project is invented, drawn with hyperrealistic accuracy, we can assume that it has already happened. He will be so convincing and endearing, beautiful, wise, deep, and perfect that everyone will believe and will not want anything else but him. But this is a collective, parallel, polyphonic work of hundreds of thousands, millions of people. It is only important to give direction and engage them. Take the first step, start a chain reaction, activate imagination. We, each of us, are responsible for what is happening, for our present and our future. We create reality by our thinking, attitude, words, actions, faith, intention, attention, awareness. This concerns not only and not so much the life of each individual, but our common world. When we are only busy with our own lives, we cannot change the world, we adapt to it, to the world order that exists, which is imperfect and, by and large, does not suit anyone. By adjusting, we strengthen and continue it, carry it on, allow it to remain unchanged. When we all start thinking about a common ideal world, what it should be in the common interests, it changes according to our idea.

Why the Metarenessance, because it is a revival, bit by bit, of what has never been completed before. Defragmentation of an image, a dream that has always been present, but, for various reasons, could never and did not even hope to become a reality. Now, in our information age, this has finally become possible. Collect all the fragments, establish connections between them, supplement the missing elements. Time and distance have become conditional. People have become interconnected as neurons of a single planetary brain. Similar, in the information field, is capable of being instantly attracted to similar. Information codes can be distributed instantly and everywhere. We are on the threshold of the birth of a new unified race – Earthlings, and a new species — for example, Nomo Sreatrix. Humanity has become a single thinking organism, and in this situation new, limitless possibilities are opening up, and art in this regard acquires a different meaning. It becomes a tool for designing and visualizing upcoming processes. A creative laboratory where holographic images of the future, its fine-tuning and visual reference points of the new high ethics are born. It illustrates and foreshadows tomorrow. It prepares and adjusts to it, creates the right emotional environment. It generates ideas, images, scenarios, goals and dreams that may have only one step to reality.

This is a different art. He has other goals, motivations, other media, perhaps a different language and image system. But it reads one cross–cutting theme – creation, reunification, harmonization. So art becomes an important informational and visual material for creating an updated world, its sketch and its prelude.


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