New art.

Looking back at the history of art, you can notice a lot of discoveries. They have happened throughout history and fundamentally changed the attitude to art. The 20th century was especially rich and full of discoveries. Nothing like this has happened in the last 20-30 years. This applies to all manifestations of culture and it’s sad, because this is our time and only we can do something, make a significant contribution to the course of history, and not be a fading echo of past eras, echoes, replicas, clones, quotes. What can we say new? What is new is something that has a foundation for the future, sets a benchmark, something that makes it possible to take several steps forward, not individually, but en masse. Our time is characterized by the Internet, social networks and smartphones. This radically changes consciousness and lifestyle. But this did not express itself in any way in art, even resonantly, as a post-process, not to mention some new goal-setting. We observe the inertia, listlessness and unscrupulousness of art. It does not keep up with technological progress, and its experiments with new techniques and technologies lag behind the advertising and industrial design industry. Art as a phenomenon as an industry does not have time to work with the new and at the same time does not preserve and defend traditions (this applies primarily to the crisis of art criticism). Artists have nothing to do with it, they are good, they are like bacteria that process the material, the environment in which they are placed. Swap Leonardo Da Vinci and Marcel Duchamp, they would have shown themselves quite differently, or would not have shown themselves at all. We are talking about the environment itself, about the trend, the mainstream. Something that can illustrate and characterize our time. That is why it is worth paying special attention to the analysis of the situation, what has changed and where you can move. Which methods have outlived their usefulness, and which are overdue. What is the current meaning of art, as a kind of global collective mind, that thinking substance that can produce life-defining scenarios and artifacts. We have nothing to do in the new world with the old rules, but we cannot abandon them because it is an invaluable resource. This paradox, this conflict, is capable of generating many unexpected scenarios. And the key factor here is precisely the awareness and declaration of this new task.