Simple forms

“Simple forms” are spatial pauses, looking at which time slows down, the eye rests.

The gaze has nothing to catch on and it glides over a form that has no beginning and end, over a silhouette, over penumbra, and distance and time become relative, and therefore, infinite.

“Simple forms” are designed to calm, balance, even out the internal state, straighten, nervous twists.

Large, calm forms, smooth deliberately tightened curves, tight clean surfaces, barely readable incompleteness of the action, everything is designed to slow down the internal uncontrollable dynamics, fuss and intolerance. They gain special strength in large size.

Simple forms are emotional inhibitors, breakwaters in the ocean of human emotions, antennas that receive and broadcast the cosmos.

Simple forms – why simple, so that they are as clear as possible. This is a special feeling to understand the created thing thoroughly, to the smallest detail. Nothing random or extra.

Undoubtedly, nature is beautiful in all its details and in all its diversity, but a person is unable to fully and simultaneously perceive it, therefore, simple visual models are more accessible for deep awareness. I clear the form of what seems superfluous to me. Focusing on one thing while ignoring everything else is the surest way to teleport your feeling to other people. The path to simplification is the path to basic concepts. Do not confuse minimalism with asceticism. He doesn’t deny anything. It is based on selectivity only for the sake of achieving maximum attention.
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