Light life

“Light has even more influence than objective physical reality. It changes it beyond recognition, changes the atmosphere of space, image, zones the room, places accents, directs attention. Most of these functions can be taken over by technical light. However, there is another category – this is designer light. It is able to become a compositional, aesthetic and semantic dominant of space. This is an art object that glows and illuminate . An object that makes an impression and creates an environment. An object that directly and indirectly affects the surrounding space. Acting performer, prima stage. Thanks to the light and the change of modes, the art lamp changes itself and changes the space. It is both a function and an impression. And of course the very metaphorical and metaphysical concept of “light”. I am happy to work with light; serve it. This is a direct allusion to life, to the divine, to the best aspirations, to everything that opposes darkness, that manifests and animates this world. Thus, the lamp acquires a sacred meaning, becomes a lighting performance, an interactive and immersive action dedicated to the birth and life of light.”