The concept of the mobile office negotiation module “Round 10”.


The module consists of a round table and 10 chairs. The chairs are “parked” to the table and fixed with a latch at the bottom of the table. In normal times, chairs can be dispersed around the office, and the table can have open access. In a situation where a closed space is required for concentration, negotiations, brainstorming, or, on the contrary, for privacy and relaxation, chairs gather in a circle, creating a closed spherical space. In this transformation, in addition to functional convenience, there is an important psychological aspect and symbolism.

Functional rationalization – there is no need to “reserve” a separate space for negotiations. That is, saving space.

Psychological impact – people at the table are closed in a circle. A circle is a figure of equality. An enclosed space promotes concentration, the formation of a certain working environment. Creating a different space helps to quickly switch thoughts in a given direction. There is an opinion, that it is easier to negotiate, to enter into personal contact in a close, confined space. In addition, there is a not unimportant gaming moment that stimulates negotiation processes and teamwork.

Symbolism and ritual. Gather in a single circle in a team, disconnect from external distractions, and focus on the internal task.

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