liquid light

Liquid light.
The idea of the concept is to look at light as a liquid substance. What this entails is that light can be poured into vessels that become lamps. The brightness of the lighting depends not so much on the intensity of the glow, but on the amount of “luminous substance”. The light quantity controller includes LEDs that fill the frosted flask of the vessel with light. When the vessel is filled, an option is possible when the light, through the neck-lens, breaks out into the ceiling. All this is a game, a joke, fun, but it helps to look at familiar things in a new way, to feel the phenomenon of light in a new way, to materialize the immaterial. This approach gives rise to new design ideas and new scenarios for the use of light. The collection of lamps “Liquid light” is a variety of vessel shapes, from table lamps to floor lamps, which can be filled with light and iridescence of color. They can be made of both natural glass and transparent polymers.
The lamp is a vessel that can be filled with “liquid” light.

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