Morphology at the Winzavod

Sculptures by Sergei Sobolev involve in the process of studying the form, impartial and scrupulous. Here reality is transformed into an organic abstraction, and abstract conclusions suddenly acquire a realistic flesh. Predominantly white pure forms balance on the border of sculpture and design, art and science, philosophy and poetry.

Laconic forms summarize the complex internal “mechanics” of the interactions of emotions and intellect. Behind their external simplicity, secret signs are read, and their metaphorical and understatement slightly open the door to the subconscious. The artist’s work is meditative and hypnotic. The visual theses of Sergei Sobolev make up for the lost facts of objective reality.

Visiting the Morphology exhibition, how to look into space, how to see yourself from a mirror, how to breathe in the sky, is just as simple and incredible at the same time. Here you can hear the whisper of the universe and immerse yourself in the “element of silence”.

Sergey Sobolev is probably the most subtle esthete of the form, its mysterious adept and guru. He creates his own, new bio-aesthetics, at the same time extremely simple and multidimensionally complex. In a dialogue with a pure form, a “different” knowledge is born, which, like a mirror, reveals its own to each.

The exhibition will feature sculptures, objects, reliefs made of bronze, porcelain and white polymer, as well as graphic and photographic images.

The exhibition “Morphology” is an attempt to shed light on the unexplored and unaccountable attitude of a person to the “form”, both to the general concept and its particular manifestations.