Art object “Paper Man” for the Olympic Park in Sochi

The art object “Paper Man” has been selected for the open state competition of sculptures and art objects for the Olympic Park in Sochi.

A person comes into this world as a guest, his life is fleeting and insignificant, he is ephemeral and momentary, almost like a ghost, like a guide. This is its beauty, like a butterfly, or like a flower that lives for a few days. But, during this short period of life, a person collects impressions and records them in memory.

People meet and, as if, leave records on each other, indelible traces that they carry further into eternity. This essentially poetic image calls for a sense of lightness and at the same time the scale of life’s tasks and the behavioral side of life.


A paper man is like a blank sheet, people can write on it whatever they want and it will be their reflection. In the same way, they “write” their attitude to them every day on the people around them. It is expressed both in thoughts and in words and in deeds. This is the freedom and responsibility of each person.

A paper person is an image of an idea person, a message person, a person carrying some kind of mission, a task on the scale of life..