Our lecture at the Museum of Moscow “Modern Sculpture in urban space”

Sergey Sobolev and Olga Muravina, artists, sculptors, designers, heads of the Arsforma design studio, founders of the ANO Center for Contemporary Sculpture and Design “METAOOBEKT”

“Art objects installed in the urban environment take on a wide variety of forms, and each of them is designed to express certain meanings and achieve specific goals. Works of art in one way or another affect the environment in which it exists and the viewers who see it. But only a few objects have sufficient artistic value and the power of emotional and semantic content to transform the environment and become for people a kind of symbol, a sign of a place.

How are these objects created, how is the balance of the individual vision of the artist and the needs of the city or the customer achieved, is a compromise necessary, or does it only hinder the creation of a bright and lively work? How to saturate our cities with modern art and bring modern sculpture and art objects to them? How to rethink the role of sculpture in the urban space and free it from the narrow format of the memorial genre, turning it into a full-fledged instrument of artistic expression? How to humanize the urban environment by introducing modern sculpture into it? What are the reasons for the misunderstanding or distorted understanding of the genre? What is the difference between a creative approach and the author’s vision from handicraft work to order? What new challenges arise in the format of urban sculpture?

At a lecture at the Museum of Moscow,  Sergey Sobolev and Olga Muravina will present their vision of the role of art objects in the urban environment and how to create it using the example of world experience.”

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