man on the train

The man on the train is not just a joke. Although in reality a person, as a rule, is always where his head is. His mind is placed on the train, and he looks out the window through the eyes of the driver.

The Man on the Train is not just a play on words. This is a story about many, if not all. The story is neither good nor bad. This is an allegory of a man moving on rails. He does not need to worry about anything, and doubt anything, he has determined his path and is no longer going to see anything around. The helmet-locomotive is the personification of his calmness and safety. The windows of the loophole are like blinders in front of the eyes, and the headlight always shines only forward.

Although maybe this is a story about those who think that they got on the train and that they can do nothing, that they themselves will bring them to the right place, from point A to point B, but in reality they just wear a bucket on their heads.
But in fact, this is the subject of a certain rite, which helps to focus on one’s own path. Sit comfortably in a chair, put on a helmet and think about moving forward, and nothing can distract you. Its copper surface will protect you even from radio interference that permeates the air.
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