center of circle

bronze, 2005, d-40sm, limited edition 8+4AP

“The first trigger for creating this work was the escaping sand in the hourglass. If you look at them from above, you can see a hole in the sand, into which everything goes. I was very impressed. I decided to make it, but apparently I didn’t quite manage to convey everything I wanted, this exciting cosmic mystery. And I, a recent graduate of an academic university, saw a familiar part of the body in this form and decided to add anthropomorphism. So a sand funnel, a black hole that absorbs time, turned into a navel. By the way, a vestige of the original idea remained on the reverse. Oddly enough, this new shell did not change the essence of the idea, but made it more multifaceted. It continued to show through, to shine through like a watermark, but it gained living flesh, anthropology and new meanings and images. The belly is like life, its origin, the connection through the umbilical cord of the mother and the child, the energy center. Then somehow, too, by chance, the name also appeared and it became quite interesting. This third semitransparent semantic layer added geometric coordinates. The center, but it’s shifted. And whether the center is always in the center. Or maybe it means a completely different circle. The Leonardian circle, or the energy structure, or life itself as a circle, or is it some kind of planetary, cosmic orbits. Now you can look at this circle and read it like a book, feel, feel and be aware. To understand and not to understand, to look for new methods of reading and meditate.”

[ automatic translation ]