36 cm, bronze, edition 8+4 AP

I call my sculptures plastic metaphors. At the same time, I always turn to the fundamental topics that are life-defining constants. They turn into anchor, navigational symbols in a complex, confusing and spontaneous life stream.” The sculpture “Contact” is about what is present in life at every step. It’s a touch, a handshake, just communication. This is interconnection, conjugation, interpenetration, embedding one into another, compatibility. A visual image of a broad philosophical concept.
Contact is one of the most important aspects of life. Now it has become especially significant. It is increasingly difficult for a person to remain in a closed, existential space with himself. The need for communication, communication of contact with the outside world, has become a vital necessity. Each person, as a neuron of the brain, strives to join the system of relationships, to become part of the global process. These contacts, both remote and the closest, provide an opportunity for informational, emotional and energy interchange. It’s not for nothing that we all live in the same world, on the same planet, and not everyone on their own, in order to be able to interact and contact each other. That is, contact is one of the basic principles and meanings of our existence. For many, he is the main symbol of life and this sculpture becomes his personification.

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