light way

Bronze, 2010, L-67 cm, edition 8+4AP

This is an allegory of a boat, or rather two boats stacked into one. Therefore, it could also be called “Fellow Travelers”. It’s about those who feel good sailing through life together. This applies to love, friendship and partnership. Separately, both parts are like two sharp, twisted palm leaves. It was necessary to sharpen them for a long time so that they would perfectly close and invest in each other . There is also a special symbolism in this, when two forms like knives became a cover for each other. Another symbolic, affirmation name is “The Easy Way”. It is clearer not in the photo, but in reality, since the shape turned out to be very tactile. Everyone wants to touch her. This is its meaning, which can be turned into a sacred ritual. Hold your hand from tip to tip, feel the smoothness, inner strength and dynamics, and make a wish, more precisely tune in and feel the lightness of any path, action, intention…

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