Bronze, 2007, d-45sm, limited edition 8+4AP

Initially, it was a purely mathematical thing. As if you imagine a flat washer with a hole and turn the contour of this hole 180 degrees . Thus, the plane turned into a volume. It turned out to be an interesting shape. But how much of everything turned out to be embedded in her geneology, in this simple action. The result is a model of the universe, an atlas of the universe with a simple and capacious theory of cosmogenesis.

There was a conditional zero plane. She created the potential of the dual world with her presence. On a 2d graph, it would be a line. Any fluctuations of this line create a wave. This wave equally propagates into both positive and negative fields. So out of nothing, out of absolute zero, form and anti-form, volume and anti-volume, reality and anti-reality arise, which constantly strive to return to the original state of non-existence. But something unknown stirs this world, manifesting it and filling it with life. Thought, sound, or some other impulses and vibrations. Thus, it becomes clear how the foam originated from the point and, at some point, will return to it.

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