The trinity.

Art object for the symposium of wooden sculpture at the Moscow State Pedagogical University


From the point of view of the philosophy of concepts and the psychology of relations, one can single out such key figures as “one”, “two” and “three”. Man, as a person, is “one”. The relation of two persons is “two”. “Three” is everything that is more than two, compound relations, collective, society. The horse, in this case, is purely functional. It acts as a transport, a driving force, a mode of movement and replacement. It is deliberately simplified, to a sign, depersonalized, since in this role she should not show her will, but only obey the riders. In sum, we get an image of unity, the unity of society in choosing the direction of movement. The saddles are empty, as unity is depicted not as a given that happened to someone, but as an open potential. He draws into the idea, into the concept of unity, every passer-by. The viewer receives a personal invitation. This expresses the interactivity of the sculpture. That is, the sculpture, with its plot incompleteness, encourages everyone to abandon individual isolation and try on themselves in a situation of unity. Any person sitting on a horse, by his mere presence, assumes the presence of fellow travelers, invites them to his community.

It would seem that this is enough, but unexpectedly another, theosophical, metaphysical perspective was opened in sculpture. The unity of three – trinity, refers to the image of the trinity. From this point of view, one can perceive the composition as an invisible trinity. The fact that it is invisible is a direct expediency, since the trinity is the concept of a spiritual, incorporeal category, and it is not entirely correct to designate its physical form and impose a visual image on this concept. Therefore, the marked saddles only suggest the presence of riders, creating the effect of an invisible presence.

Thus, the composition acquired a multidimensionality of perception, became a symbolic conjugation of two concepts of unity. This is a characteristic phenomenon in our life, which many underestimate. At one point of physical space, completely different non-intersecting processes can occur simultaneously.

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