inner smile

110 sm, fiberglass.

Sometimes work begins at the level of barely perceptible sensations. A half-revealed smile that emerged from the void, from nothingness. The smile of God or some higher powers, or your own inner smile against the background of peace and tranquility. To convey this completely immaterial image in sculpture, in the language of form, is not an easy task. I felt like an icon painter creating an image of impersonal and total goodness. I remember that extraordinary, exciting and confused feeling, to materialize the “immaterial”, to feel it tactilely.
The work came out quite strange, but that’s its value. And it seems to me that it was quite possible to convey the right feeling and endow her with the very emotions that are born from something big, calm, wise and bright.
The work was conceived in white. The color of purity in which all the smallest nuances of the form are visible. However, the experiment with gold, betrayed her quite appropriate, religious connotation.

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