magic herbs

Art installation “Magic herbs” with dynamic illumination.

Material -Copper, size 2.9 x 5 meters.

This composition was conceived specifically for sheet copper. Here copper showed the maximum of its qualities, ranging from plastic capabilities, edge sharpness and surface physics to a fantastic palette of colors and textures. How many times have I been fascinated by autumn leaves and grasses, winter dried flowers. And suddenly an insite came, and I realized what kind of material is able to express and convey all this beauty.

I wanted to achieve naturalness and realism without falling into either naturalism or stylization. Both the material and the technology helped in this. It was necessary not to depict, but to design natural forms. This is an important technical point, but of course the main thing is different.

The main thing, as it should be, is my favorite metaphysics. It is very important what you think, what you feel, and what you put into work. I felt like some kind of medicine man who collects medicinal herbs. This is an intuitive process, driven by some mysterious force, in which you clearly feel exactly what each flower should be. Everyone has their own shape, mood and energy. Everyone carries their own mission, and together they create a magical healing collection. Fantastical, but this makes it even more miraculous.

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