golden sun

composite/gold leaf, 2019, d-80cm, edition 25

The sun, what would we do without it? It gives life energy to everything on earth. This is, perhaps, our main symbol of life. This is energy, heat and light, and not only on the physical plane, but also on more subtle energy and psycho-emotional levels. And of course this is the image of all the best in our life. Therefore, this image, this symbol should be in every home. Protect, warm, please, motivate to live, give strength. Especially in our climate, where there is so little real sun.
Radiance can have a different character, rhythm, energy, pulsation. Of course, it’s all individual, but I’m trying to find beneficial vibrations that carry something good, harmonize, charge, expand consciousness. As far as it was possible for you to decide, but it is worth noting that few people, in principle, set such tasks. You may ask, what does this hole mean? This is a kind of portal, a tunnel somewhere to another world, another space, dimension, from where this endless life-giving energy comes to us.

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