The “Air-towers” project for the EVOLO international skyscraper competition.

This Skyscrapers like a children’s pyramid. Strung on an axis, in various combinations and with different diameter washers-floors, create diverse authentic form of buildings. Of them, you can create residential area or business quarter, uniform and unique. Flowing biomorphic shapes open up a new topic in the environmental design of the exterior and interior of buildings.

In addition to the visual effects concept contains a number of psychological innovation, and the philosophy of a new type of housing. In an ideal situation, each floor is a separate office or apartment. This is an important point – the circular panorama. Everyone has the opportunity to see all the surroundings in all directions, he could see the sunrise and see the sunset. He can plan their space in accordance with the parties of light. The second feature of the building variable slope panoramic windows. Some are tilted up. This gives more light, but reduces the ability to look down. For those who don’t like heights. Some floors little more shaded, but with a more extreme panorama windows. There are also standard options. All floors in various size. As a result of this building-the artifact everyone can find their own unique space. Shape of the buildings addition to visual aesthetics is the esoteric meaning. It is bio-energy antenna. Not accidentally, their domes and spires resemble religious buildings.

The constructive foundation of the building – the central axis. It’s in a steel tube with a diameter of 4 to 5 meters. There are 2 Elevator shafts, fire escape and engineering communications. Additional substructure, which holds the console floors and minimizes the bending of the building – external structural metal shell. Schedule grid varies depending on the shape and diameter of the shell. The cell of windows in the broad places become more horizontal, in the narrow – more vertical.