two waves

Spatial light-dynamic composition “Two Waves” for the Olympic Park.

The main plastic idea is two intertwined, but not touching, wavy lines, dynamically placed in space. They can occur locally, over a short period, or they can be quite long, being a guideline that accompanies the theme along the route of visitors. In this case, the light-dynamic component of the composition will become especially expressive. It lies in the fact that in the objects, along their entire length, emphasizing the dynamics and bends of the form, longitudinal LED strips of the “running lights” type are built-in, as well as separate, dotted LEDs. Using the controller, it will be possible to set all sorts of light animation scenarios, from a smooth flow of light to rapidly sweeping lights. The “body” of the object itself appears to be sheathed with sheet aluminum, like the bodies of jet aircraft with a characteristic division into separate plates. Articulation graphics, as well as a section of a shape, can vary throughout the length of objects in space. At the heart of the frame is a pipe of calculated section reinforced with additional ribs forming a rigid truss.

Two waves are a symbol of movement and competition. Why two, because this is a dialogue, this is a relationship, rivalry, support, comparison, interaction that defines each other.