Andersen Museum

Magic veil

The territory of the Museum covered magic veil. It is ephemeral, like a Ghost. Its shape reminiscent of a fairytale castle, the castle – phantom. In fact, this system from metal rods, fine supports and stretch marks. It is covered with lots of shiny scales and LEDs that can animate this Mirage is scripted.
The idea of the project illustrate the image of the fairy world Anderson, where reality is a delicate shade of magic. Task immerse the viewer in a fairy tale atmosphere, the space to do magic, in fact without changing anything in it.
This phantom castle can be partially threw lianas, somewhere to hang swings and rides for children. Partially several vaults, can glaze radiant acrylic or reflecting material for video projection. During the day it will look like a deserted castle at night as a fantastic illusion. The project illustrates the illusory nature and fragility of the magic world. It is a magical, interactive space will feast upon the details and images.


A pedestrian bridge connects the Museum and transportation hub. With the help of it the fantastic theme comes out in the city, attracting attention to the Museum.