Khodynka Park

Eco-field Park . The competitive project of the Khodynka Park.

Eco-field park. Competitive project of Khodynka Park. The park is a living organism. It grows and changes. The main question that arises when laying the park is how to make it beautiful and interesting right away, without waiting ten years for the flora to gain the necessary volume and strength. At the same time, it should be taken into account that when the park grows and the trees become large, its original plastic design will not be lost. Walking in the park, you want to forget about the city, not to see big houses, but to enjoy nature. To achieve such an effect in a young park, it is necessary to use the terrain. Considering that the terrain is flat, and the park will be planted from scratch, it is necessary to artificially zone the space. Zoning optically and psychologically complicates, diversifies and enlarges the park, making it more interesting and comfortable. First of all, geoplastics, as well as small architectural forms (walls, gazebos, galleries, etc.) can become a zoning tool. Then a walk in the park will be filled with a mass of “spatial” impressions, turning into a long and bright journey.

The main idea of ​​the project is a two-planned space. It is as if a blanket has been thrown over the territory of the park. Its relief surface forms the first level of the park. These are soft hills sown with lawn and covered with walking paths. Considering that the park adjoins the Museum of Modern Art, it is necessary to provide for the further development of the scenario, namely, temporary or permanent display of sculptures and art objects of the museum collection, or during exhibitions and other events. For this, the best solution is to have clean lawns and other spaces with a neutral background. Platforms, terraces, podiums, clean wall surfaces. The entire surface of the “spread” is cut through with holes by connected paths, which form, relatively equal in horizon, the second level of the park. Each round hole forms a certain thematic area.

This is the main part of the park.

All the functionality of the park is located here, the main part of the landings are all alleys and paths with a hard surface.

As a result, we get essentially 2 parks in one area. One is clean and spacious, the other is cozy, closed and full of details. 2 levels of the park form a variety of angles and movement scenarios.

In some places they intersect, in some they do not intersect at all, forming bridges or tunnels.

All the plasticity of the park is round and biomorphic. This stylistic uniformity of the park’s solution is designed to emphasize the environmental friendliness and futurism of the space and bring this idea to its maximum.

Sections of the relief surface form undulating retaining walls. Their height ranges from 0 to 5 meters. They bear the main functional load. In their high part they form pavilions, cafes, kiosks, gazebos and awnings from the rain, etc., in the underestimated part of the bench for rest with a variable back height. Retaining walls can be decorated with vertical or cascading landscaping. They may contain passages, tunnels and slides for children. Sports, gaming and other equipment can be mounted on them. Some spaces, on the contrary, can be laconic and empty, where the main aesthetic role will be taken by the clean cut lines of the relief and the variable slope of the retaining walls. Outdoor exhibitions and installations can be held here. Also in the holes-bowls there will be forests, a pond, an amphitheater, cozy nooks with benches and gazebos. Some areas can be covered with a domed canopy. Evening illumination is of great importance.

The raised outer edge of the park can accommodate parking and street shops. Due to the two-level structure, not only two thematic dominants appear, but also the relief zoning of the first level of the park, which allows it to be locally saturated with diversity, without worrying about holistic uniformity. Each isolated space can have its own unique world.

The appearance of vertical surfaces and transitions from the lower level to the upper one, gives a lot of animation and aesthetic solutions. But the main thing the park will be solved at once, it will be interesting already at its youngest age.