Floating islands

Competitive canal improvement project in Denmarkю

The aesthetics of the surrounding space is quadratic.
Water is game and aesthetic factor.
Square and rectangular Islands of different sizes, different heights, bridges between them.
An array of discrete modules – Islands . They can be static or swimming like a landing-stage.

Some islands will be with trees,
Tracks – bridges creates a journey through all the Islands. Through the passage of boats thrown a high bridge.
On the Islands are benches for privacy.

Option kinetic bridge as the swing. Two bridge, one weighted with one side, the other on the other.
At offset cent of gravity it slow fall down. Mechanical drive to the generator slows buffers swing. So, crossing the bridge, turns on the light dynamics (LEDs or strobes)
The second option – some islands with trees and lawn can swim. It will be ferry.

In the water are lights – buds.
From the water fountains.

The island can be highlighted below under water in different colors. This will give a beautiful glow water.