Metaphysics of the Metarenaissance.

There are many theories and studies, both in the scientific community and in philosophy and metaphysics, concerning the mental projection of the future.Everything starts with an idea, with an image, and then gradually condenses to the level of material reality. Research by neuroscientists suggests that consciousness by default tends to optimize resources by running template programs that are repeated day after day. Another theory says that with today’s thoughts we shape tomorrow. But if we do not have power over our thoughts, are not able to control and influence them, then they, on autopilot, will shape tomorrow in the image and likeness of today. And it’s a vicious circle. Reflection on what is happening, whatever it may be, is always a trap of consciousness, forcing it to think in a given dialect of the current situation. Either in her vein, or in spite of, but always in a tough bundle.  And finally, the most famous paradox of quantum physics, about the influence of the role of the observer, demonstrates the key importance of the vector of our attention. It is it that is able to transform the wave nature into what we call material. Yes, it is this magic tool that is able to transform reality.  It is for him that there is a struggle in the information field. Attention from the imaginary is drawn in every possible way to reality or to what is presented as reality. Thereby nourishing and affirming it.

So what is attention. It’s a presence. We are where our attention is. It’s not a metaphor, it’s a rule. Attention is also an activator of our metaphysical processes. We are in the phase in which our attention. Four phases can be conditionally distinguished, and they cannot be active at the same time. Perception of information. In most cases, it turns on automatically, reacting to any activity or stimulus. This is what we most often catch and spend our attention on. The second is thoughts. A process that is usually not related to understanding. Just a process, in itself, leading to some kind of inference or just wandering through the labyrinths.  If it is verbalized, then it is already quite a thing in itself, an artistic genre, but not a productive tool of consciousness, planning or awareness.

All productivity lies in other phases of thinking, this is feeling and imagination. They are similar, the boundaries are blurred, but there is a fundamental difference. The feeling is focused on the present moment, here and now. It explores the depth and range of sensations, the multidimensional image of the moment. Imagination is not tied to anything at all. It works when completely released from any conditions. But both ways lead to awareness.

It is these states that are inherent in creativity. They are an effective method of free thinking. That is why in the arts and in the humanities there is so much important information, discoveries, foresight, insights, wisdom, psychotherapy. And that is why art, creativity, is the most effective tool for designing and creating the future. There are no accidents or miracles, it is a tool, technology, method. The only real one. Plunging into the creative process, when consciousness is tuned to imaginative thinking, when silence is achieved and sensory is sharpened. This state is similar to deep meditation. It changes the style of thinking from linear to batch. When a whole block of information comes in the form of an image at once. This is a qualitative change in consciousness, when suddenly everything becomes clear. It can be expressed in some kind of discovery or in a wise decision, or in a capacious artistic metaphor that will help to get closer to the harmony of other people. Objects of art are not just objects, they are active content that fills, changes our lives. Art as an immunoactive substance. It enters the “metabolism”, affects and changes the lives of people.  Therefore, it is important what codes, what active components are embedded in it. It is very bad when authors create these interactive objects in a destructive state. And any artifacts of enlightened conditions are very valuable. They literally radiate positive energies, having a beneficial effect on both the viewer and the general energy background of society and the earth. We weave our world, our civilization. It is mobile and subject to our intentions. Everyone can contribute, weave their own thread. But because few people know about it, most people, most of the time, do not create, but gives a reaction. And even those who know constantly forget about it. And even those who remember, do not always cope with the influx of emotions, with the flow of information, with conditional and unconditional reflects to events.

Therefore, the most important work is to bring yourself into the right state, and maintain it. It is difficult even for those who know how important it is, but they especially appreciate this rare and beautiful condition. This state is the basis of all endeavors. Zero point. A magical portal to discover endless possibilities. Having passed through it, the soul finds peace, comes to its natural state of love, openness, sensitivity, charm. Clarity comes, awareness of the beauty of the world. Everything is transformed and falls into place.

And only then does real creativity begin, as a desire to express one’s feelings that overwhelm feelings, or to create something completely new and beautiful on their basis. Man merges with the world, with the main creator, becomes a co-author of all creation, the best manifestation of himself. And then the results of such creation can benefit both individuals and the world of people as a whole.

© Sergey Sobolev 2022