about Center Metaobject

The Autonomous Non-Commercial Society “Center for Contemporary Sculpture and Design METOBOBEKT” was established in 2017 to promote and develop contemporary sculpture and design and formulates a fundamentally new program for the development strategy of contemporary art using the example of modern urban sculpture and object design. This program is a synergy of a set of tasks, including culture, psychology, aesthetics, philosophy, ethics, urbanism, sociology, with the aim of productive and positive impact on the city’s residents.

The main thesis of the program is “Art for Man”. Its essence lies in a sincere, humanistic message directed to the viewer.

The main goal of the center is the formation, declaration and promotion of a new philosophy of object art, sculpture, art objects, object and environmental design – Metarenaissance. Its meaning is to return lost values to art and endow it with fundamentally new qualities in accordance with the realities of our time.

The prefix “META” determines the depth and diversity of the work. It contains an emotional and semantic load, meta-meanings, what a person reads, subtle psychological perception, which, in our opinion, should have a positive effect on a person. METABOBEKT — from an analytical point of view, it is something more than just an art object. In this regard, a work of art becomes a concentrate of multifactorial content, an object containing its own life-giving microcosm.

ANO CCSD “METAOBJECT” declares innovative ideas, methods, tasks and perspectives in matters of artistic analysis and the formation of new guidelines. In fact, there is nothing new in them, they have always been present, veiled and ambiguous, but they have never been allocated to a task and have not been designated programmatically.

It is worth noting that the activities of the CCSD METOBOBEKT are directly related to the personal attitude and understanding of the tasks of art and sculpture by its leaders. First of all, this is a position that cannot reflect all the contradictory views and opinions, but counts on mass support and awareness, in order to form a new mainstream in contemporary public art.

We consider a centralized approach to mastering and understanding the art space to be utopian and unpromising. This is an area where there can be no consensus, right and wrong, authoritarianism and monopoly. Only multipolarity, the diversity of professional and authoritative communities, can create a healthy and mutually enriching atmosphere for artistic discussion. Our center is an example of such an institution, which has its own independent position and view on the tasks and prospects for the development of fine arts.



The last ten years can be defined as a period of stagnation in the field of contemporary art and especially contemporary sculpture. This applies not only to our country, but to the entire world process. This does not mean that there are fewer talented artists. The reasons are different and there are many. There are three main ones. The first is ideological disorientation. The second is information overload, which, on the one hand, dulls susceptibility, and on the other hand, launches a race of technologies to attract attention and interest. In this competition, traditional art often fails to compete. And the third is the art business, which absorbed art, penetrated into all its reserved spaces, transformed the criteria for perception and causal relationships. And yet, the basis of stagnation is the total absence of global goals and meanings. The times of cultural revolutions gave rise to the activation and surge of artistic life. The idealistic and utopian modernist ideas of the twentieth century were replaced by a period of disillusionment and skepticism. A period of caution, uncertainty, streamlining, balance of opinions and tolerance. A statement of disappointment, ambiguity and the absence of any clear guidelines, a critical analysis of the past without programmatic conclusions, and a general unwillingness to look to the future have become material for artistic reflection. In such an environment, by definition, there can be no directional movement. The world is fascinated by technological progress, a rapidly growing resource capable of fundamentally changing our world, but it has no use in the current state of moral disorientation. We cannot adequately use this resource without revising and without introducing fundamental changes into the previous model of the world order, without coming to a unity of understanding of universal long-term development. As long as manicracy exists, as long as it, its principles are firmly seated in the minds of people, as the main motivator and algorithm for moving towards success, we will not be able to significantly change anything for the better. Only disinterested humanistic initiatives, the designation of values of a different order, not related to personal gain, can become an example of a new worldview, a catalyst for the process of revising life attitudes, a new ideological mainstream.

The principles of high ethics, as the quintessence of the ideas of humanism, are the material in which all rational human experience of productive coexistence and self-development is accumulated. Proclaiming, developing and adapting these ideas to the current situation is the area of direct activity of the humanities, one of which is the fine arts. With what words, metaphors, images, how accessible and intelligible, how deeply and on a large scale one can express this in the language of fine art – this is the main task of the artist of the new era. Life in unity and harmony, in the pursuit of self-knowledge and integration into a common humanistic system of relationships. A vector of effort aimed not at isolation to the detriment of the whole, but at creating a common comfortable world, not at criticism, but at finding solutions and guidelines. This message, this benevolent image can be formed, visualized and projected into the consciousness of society, including by artistic means. In this we see the main mission of art, and especially socially oriented public art.



The activities of the CCSD METAOBJECT are the formation of criteria for the content and artistic quality of works of art, the support and promotion of contemporary art in line with the philosophy of METAOBJECT. This work is directly related to the development of culture, increasing the artistic value, depth and quality of the created works. Also, this work is directly related to the formation and popularization of a new social artistic genre “Modern Urban Sculpture”.

An important activity of the center is to instill interest and involve the general public in the contemporary artistic process. Such tasks can be implemented by means of holding public events and exhibitions in the urban environment, as well as placing works of modern sculpture and art objects in the urban space.

The work of the center is aimed at the generation of ideas and the subsequent organization of the embodiment of modern sculpture and iconic art objects, living contemporary art in the city space. Such objects give uniqueness and color to the urban space, attract tourists, enliven the city’s appearance, become points of attraction for citizens, improve the quality and status of the urban environment. This is a fundamental moment, we want to breathe into the space of the city a new sense of sincerity, honesty, emotionality, sensuality, brightness and depth. We want to bring talented works to the city, to people, that elevate mood, develop imagery, sensitivity, sincerity, have a psychotherapeutic effect, harmonize, soothe, life-affirming, etc. Now there is little such art, but the formation of a task and purposeful conduct of practice, the creation of precedents, will contribute to the activation of creative initiatives in the designated direction, so fertile for creativity.

The Center intends to study the psychological impact of fine arts on a person. Involve specialists from different fields in order to form an integrated approach to the issues of humanization of the urban environment.

Also CCSD METOBOBEKT intends to conduct sociological research, to activate and focus the attention of art critics, culturologists, and other specialists on issues related to the theme of art in the urban space. Stimulate an in-depth public discussion on the importance and benefits of the presence of works of art in the urban environment.

CCSD METAOBJECT is a link between internal professional issues of culture and art, and social issues of society.